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The Novitium Energy Referral Program aims to advance the growth of solar energy into communities locally, and nationwide. Our referral program allows you to earn lucrative cash incentives through the relationships that you already have! Referral partners provide an introduction to commercial prospects, while Novitium Energy manages all facets of the sales process. Scroll down to learn more about our program and join us as we prepare for a brighter tomorrow.


Industry Professionals

Many industries provide a strong pipeline for solar energy. Contact past clients, or promote solar energy to active clients in your pipeline!


Earn additional income in your free time, by promoting solar energy to your friends and family.

Current Clients

Our referral program helps announce your commitment to renewable energy to the world. Earn cash incentives in the process.

How does it work?

Step One

Register with Novitium Energy to become a Referral Partner.

Step Two

Receive Promotional Materials that discuss the many benefits of solar energy. These materials are customized for your individual needs.

Step Three

Share Promotional Materials online or in-person within your network.

Step Four

Your referrals are put in touch with a Novitium Energy Associate who manages the entire sales process. Referral Partners are not responsible for the “sale” of solar energy. Just direct your contacts to us, and we will take care of the rest!

Step Five

Receive CASH for every referral that converts to solar energy with Novitium Energy.

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