Industry News > 05-06-2022

SEC Proposes New Rules for Mandatory Climate-Related Disclosures

SEC Proposes New Rules for Mandatory Climate-Related Disclosures

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently announced that it has formally proposed changes aimed at standardizing mandatory climate-related disclosures for registrants. The new reporting requirements seek to provide investors with enhanced data on an organization’s climate-related activities and efforts to help assess financial risk. Under the new rules, SEC registrants would be required to report this data at the time of their registration and in periodic filings. The proposed mandatory disclosures include the material impact of climate-related risk on business operations and financial condition, certain climate-related metrics in audited financial statement notes, and data on greenhouse gas emissions.

SEC Chair Gary Gensler shares, “Today, investors representing literally tens of trillions of dollars support climate-related disclosures because they recognize that climate risks can pose significant financial risks to companies, and investors need reliable information about climate risks to make informed investment decisions.” The proposed disclosures would give investors consistent and comparable data to measure their risk against.

The rule changes require registrants to share information how they manage climate-related risk processes, any material impact that identified climate-related risks could have on a business’ operations, financials, strategy or outlook, and the short- and long-term impact of climate-related events on their budget. For registrants with established climate-related targets or plans, the new rules would also include reporting on their existing plans to help investors better understand the procedures they have in place to mitigate climate risk.

Furthermore, the proposed changes would require disclosure of greenhouse gas emissions. These disclosures include direct emissions (Scope 1) as well as indirect emissions from purchased electricity (Scope 2). Material upstream and downstream supply chain emissions (Scope 3) reporting would also be required if the registrant has established greenhouse gas emissions targets or Scope 3 emissions goals.

The goal of the proposed disclosures is to provide consistent, comparable, decision-useful data to investors about an organization’s climate-related risks, uncertainties, impacts, and opportunities. If implemented, the new rules will include a phase-in period, and compliance deadlines will be dependent on a registrant’s filing status.

Public input is currently being accepted from investors, registrants and other market participants on the proposed climate-related disclosures. Complete the public comment form or send an email to the SEC to participate in public comments.

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